A peach-orange selenite is akin to clear transparent selenite, distinguished by the entrapment of iron minerals during its formation millions of years ago. Mined deep underground in Morocco, these crystals emerge as long shards, radiating a stunning appearance.

When illuminated, the crystal exudes a beautiful orange ambient glow, boasting a very high vibration that often imparts a protective feeling. Beyond aesthetics, these crystals serve to charge other healing stones, simply by placing them around the peach selenite for 24 hours.

As a crystal healer, the uses of orange selenite extend to connecting with the inner sacral and solar plexus chakras. This exquisite crystal enhances strength during challenging times, aiding mental health and fostering spiritual growth. It is frequently employed for protection during transformative phases, guiding individuals toward positive change.

Facilitating emotional healing, this orange selenite transforms negative energy into love, forgiveness, and acceptance. It serves as a catalyst for boosting self-esteem, self-awareness, and willpower, making it beneficial for those seeking to overcome challenges like quitting smoking.

Orange Peach Selenite Crystal Health Benefits

With its high frequency, peach-orange selenite proves effective in releasing trapped energy, impacting spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects. It acts as a shield against negative energy, deflecting and neutralizing unwanted influences. This crystal guides individuals to connect with the spirit world and enhances concentration, particularly useful for those spending extended hours in front of a computer.

For city dwellers seeking a connection to nature, peach selenite grounds individuals, infusing positive energy for a happier disposition. In challenging times such as breakups, heartaches, anxiety, or depression, this crystal serves as a beacon, providing much-needed positive energy.

How to Charge Your Peach Orange Selenite

Charging orange selenite mirrors the process for white selenite – place it in the sun for a few hours. Optimal placement is on a windowsill, avoiding exposure to rain, which could dissolve the crystal. In shaded areas, charge the crystal in a bowl of salt or brown rice, letting it sit for 24 hours (more for larger crystals). Alternatively, passing the crystal through the smoke of burning dried sage charges it within 30 minutes.