A Selenite Tower is an essential for any natural healing crystal collector, boasting a moon-like glow that captivates. The Greeks named it "Sele" after the goddess of the moon, recognizing its powerful ability to clear bad energy. These thin, upright crystals, resembling towers or skyscrapers, are potent tools that cleanse and provide protection from negative energy. Typically, they are placed upright on shelves or in room corners, serving as captivating ornamental pieces without electrical fixtures found in selenite lamps.

Having Selenite Towers in your home creates a profound sense of calmness and protection. Emitting a magical shine akin to a glowing moon when touched by sunlight, these crystals become focal points in any space.

Often found in meditation rooms, Selenite Towers are paired with other healing crystals arranged in a circle around them. This arrangement creates a captivating and magical healing shrine that draws attention and positive energy.

Selenite Tower Health Benefits

Many crystal healers believe that Selenite Towers can facilitate healing on a cellular and spiritual level, making them the most powerful crystals in the crystal healing world. Their ability to self-charge and cleanse other healing crystals sets them apart. Selenite Towers are frequently used to address skeletal issues, such as problems with the spine, aiding in alignment.

In crystal healing sessions, these towers are versatile tools used for releasing trapped energy throughout the body. They can also aid in healing injuries by placing the Selenite Tower 5 inches away from the body for 5 minutes daily until improvement is felt.

Due to their high-frequency vibration, Selenite Towers are believed to boost the immune system. Placing the tower in a frequently used room, like the bedroom or living room, can contribute to an overall improvement in the quality of life.

For yoga or meditation practitioners, Selenite Towers offer relaxation and focus. They may also enhance flexibility and positively influence yoga sessions.

These towers are known to bring protection from negative energy, instilling a sense of peace and calmness in homes. For those practicing spirit connection, Selenite Towers can aid in establishing a connection.

They Look Stunning in Any Home

If you choose to adorn your home with Selenite Towers, they will undoubtedly become a stunning feature. Placed on shelves or mantelpieces, they illuminate like decorative lamps when exposed to light. Egyptians and Greeks historically used these towers for decorative purposes and protection from negative energy.

Naturally formed millions of years ago, these crystals offer a unique connection to nature. Interestingly, up until the 15th century, windows were crafted from selenite.

How to Charge Your Selenite Towers?

Charging your Selenite Tower is a simple process. Place it by the windows for a few hours to absorb sunlight energy. Be cautious not to leave it outside, as exposure to rain can damage the crystal.

In regions with limited sunlight during winter, an alternative charging method involves placing the tower in a bowl of salt. The crystal absorbs energy from the salt, requiring a few hours to become fully charged.

Another unconventional method involves surrounding the Selenite Tower with brown rice. The high frequency of the stone absorbs energy from the rice, contributing to the charging process.