Raw selenite, in its untouched form, showcases a white and transparent beauty reminiscent of glass. These crystals, once used to make glass panel windows in the last century, are considered powerful protectors and bearers of good luck. Believed to possess a high vibration, they draw and deflect negative energy, leading many to adorn their homes with these crystals for a cleansing effect.

These raw selenite crystals emit a mesmerizing glow when exposed to natural sunlight. However, their fragility requires careful handling to prevent breakage, scratches, or shattering. Proper storage in a secure place is advised to maintain their integrity.

How They Are Made

These raw selenite crystals are formed over millions of years through the continuous evaporation of saltwater. Among the largest crystals globally, they are abundant worldwide, historically used for crafting jewelry and sculptures. Ancient Egyptians attributed protective qualities to selenite, placing it by their doors to ward off spirits and using it to cleanse their homes of negative energy. With a soft hardness of 2.5 Mohs and sensitivity to water, proper care is essential for their longevity.

Helps with Stress and Anxiety

For those dealing with stress or anxiety, raw selenite crystals offer a remedy. Their ability to cleanse the mind and body of negative energy makes them ideal for meditation. A 10-minute meditation session focusing on inhaling and exhaling can alleviate negative thoughts. These crystals can also aid in promoting better sleep by placing them under pillows or beds for added protection, reducing the likelihood of nightmares.

Connects to Chakras and Enhances Crystal Energy

Raw selenite crystals play a significant role in meditation by connecting to the crown chakra and the third eye chakra. Additionally, orange or peach selenite can facilitate a connection to the sacral chakra. This connectivity extends to other healing crystals, enhancing their powers and promoting a harmonious flow of energy between different crystals. For crystal collectors, raw selenite serves as a valuable tool for increasing energy flow and preventing the entrapment of negative energy in healing crystals.

Incorporating raw selenite into your crystal collection not only adds aesthetic appeal but also ensures the vitality and efficacy of your healing crystals.