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A Selenite cleansing stick serves as an ideal crystal companion for meditation, offering a unique ability to purify the mind and body from negative energy, promoting a profound sense of relaxation. During meditation, holding the crystal allows for the absorption of any lingering negativity. For those utilizing the Selenite cleansing stick for this purpose, regular cleansing and charging are recommended.

To maintain the crystal's purity, expose it to direct sunlight, allowing the light to cleanse it of any accumulated negative energy. Similarly, the cleansing process can be conducted under the serene influence of direct moonlight. This listing features one Selenite cleansing stick, renowned for its captivating glow when basking in natural sunlight.

A must-have for crystal healers, this cleansing stick facilitates the smooth flow of energy between crystals and amplifies the potency of other healing crystals. Given the potential for negative energy to accumulate within healing crystals over time, Selenite proves invaluable in cleansing and recharging them. Regularly incorporating a Selenite crystal ensures the consistent maintenance of each healing crystal's effectiveness.

Furthermore, the Selenite cleansing stick becomes a conduit for connecting with two essential chakras during meditation – the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. Those attuned to the crown chakra may experience connections with guardian angels, divine entities, or a heightened spiritual bond with the natural world. Elevate your meditation experience with the cleansing and aligning powers of the Selenite cleansing stick.


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 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 8 cm
Material Pure selenite

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