What is a selenite tumbled stone?


Selenite Tumbled stones are created by placing rough selenite crystals into a rock tumbler, which spins them with water to round and polish the edges, resulting in beautiful, smoothed stones. Despite the tumbling process, the energy of selenite crystals remains unaffected.

These tumbled stones serve various purposes:

  • They make elegant necklaces due to their rounded and lightweight nature, especially convenient for activities like yoga.
  • Ideal for those who find larger selenite crystals impractical, they serve as portable and decorative features.
  • Perfect for wedding table decorations, and can enhance focus when placed on an office desk.
  • Useful for arts and crafts, as well as a healing stone that can also charge other gemstones.

Selenite tumble-stones add beauty to any home, with the word "selenite" originating from the ancient Greek goddess of the moon. When illuminated by sunlight, these crystals emit a natural glow reminiscent of the moon.

Notably, small selenite tumbled stones have one of the highest frequencies among crystals, making them valuable for crystal healers seeking to connect with the spirit world.

Selenite Tumbles and Sleep

Placing these stones under your pillow or by your bedside can create a protective shield, preventing negative energy from disturbing your sleep. They are known to reduce nightmares and ward off unwanted spirits during nighttime.

Selenite Tumble Stones and Tarot Cards

Using selenite tumble stones in the presence of tarot cards enhances the accuracy of readings. Placing the stones on top of the tarot deck for a few hours helps cleanse any trapped energy within the cards.

How to Charge Selenite Tumbled Stones

  • Use a Tibetan singing bowl to harness the powerful vibrations and charge the tumble stones.
  • Bury the stones in a pot of dry compost or in the ground to absorb energy from the earth.
  • Charge them under the moonlight or starlight for a magical glow.

Caring for Selenite Tumbled Stones

Handle these soft crystals with care to prevent breakage, considering their susceptibility to scratching. Store them in a silk cloth bag to avoid damage, and refrain from cleaning with water, as selenite is soluble. If turned into jewelry, remove them during activities to prevent damage from sweat