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Indulge in the enchanting beauty of our Polished Selenite Tumbled crystals, meticulously crafted to perfection with a rounded, smooth, and polished finish. This set includes three exquisite crystals, each boasting a white and transparent hue. Ideal for carrying in pockets, these crystals are believed to bring good luck and offer protection, making them a thoughtful gift for a loved one.

Natural Sunlight Elegance:

  • Beautiful Glow: When exposed to natural sunlight, these polished selenite tumbled crystals emit a beautiful glow, enhancing their allure and vibrancy.

Protection and Negative Energy Removal:

  • Pocket Companion: Many choose to carry these crystals in their pockets for good luck and protection. Placing them under a pillow or bed is believed to aid in removing negative energy from the bedroom and providing protection during sleep.

Comfortable for Meditation:

  • Perfect for Extended Meditation: These crystals are comfortable to hold and not too heavy, making them an ideal choice for extended meditation sessions.

  • Enhancing Crystal Powers: Used in meditation, selenite has the unique ability to enhance the powers of other healing crystals. Combining it with crystals like rose quartz amplifies their connection to the heart chakra.

Essential for Crystal Collectors:

  • Energy Flow Facilitator: A must-have for crystal collectors, selenite facilitates the flow of energy between different crystals, promoting a harmonious blend.

  • Charging and Cleansing Hub: Beyond its beauty, a polished selenite tumbled serves as a hub for charging and cleansing other healing stones. Placing them together for 24 hours can renew and amplify the energy of surrounding crystals.

Elevate your crystal collection with the versatile beauty and energy-enhancing properties of our Polished Selenite Tumbled crystals. An exquisite blend of elegance, protection, and positive energy awaits.


  • Secure Packaging Assurance:

    • Every package is meticulously packed to ensure the safe and undamaged arrival of your Polished Selenite Tumbled Trio.
  • Efficient Dispatch:

    • Initiate your order swiftly, as we require only 1 working day to dispatch your crystals, ensuring a prompt start to their journey.
  • Reliable Courier Service:

    • Rely on our trusted courier service for a timely delivery, with an approximate duration of 3 working days. Rest easy knowing your Polished Selenite Tumbled Trio will reach you promptly and in pristine condition.
Ā ColourĀ  White
Dimensions Roughly 3cm
Material Pure selenite

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