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Immerse yourself in the ethereal beauty of our stunning Cube Selenite Crystal, radiating a captivating glow when kissed by natural sunlight. This listing presents a single, exquisite Selenite Cube Crystal, each one a delicate masterpiece that requires gentle handling due to its fragility.

Fast and Secure Shipping:

  • We prioritize swift shipping for all our products, ensuring your Selenite Cube Crystal reaches its destination promptly. Rest assured, each crystal is meticulously packed to guarantee a safe and secure arrival.

Crystal Care Tips:

  • Fragile Nature: Handle with care, as the crystal is delicate and prone to breakage. Extra precautions are essential to preserve its beauty and integrity.

  • Water Sensitivity: Avoid prolonged exposure to water, as it can cause the crystal to dissolve away. Store the crystal in a safe and secure place to protect its longevity.

Otherworldly Aura and Healing Powers:

  • Goddess-Inspired Beauty: With an otherworldly feel, this crystal is named after the moon goddess Selene, adding a touch of divine energy to your collection.

  • Powerful Healing Properties: Revered in the crystal healing world, Selenite is considered one of the most potent healing crystals. It possesses the unique ability to amplify the powers of other healing stones, fostering a profound connection to various chakras during meditation.

Ancient Tradition of Energy Cleansing:

  • Negative Energy Cleansing: Selenite Cubes are deployed around homes to cleanse negative energy, echoing an ancient Egyptian tradition. Placing them by the front door wards off spirits, providing a shield against unwanted energies.

This Selenite Cube Crystal is not just an adornment but a conduit to spiritual connection and well-being. Revel in its beauty, handle with care, and allow its ancient energy to infuse positivity into your surroundings.


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    • Our commitment to perfection ensures meticulous packaging, guaranteeing the safe and undamaged arrival of your Selenite Cube Crystal.
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    • Experience a swift initiation of your order as we require only 1 working day to dispatch your crystal, ensuring a prompt start to its journey.
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    • Rely on our trusted courier service for a timely delivery, with an approximate duration of 3 working days. Rest easy knowing your Selenite Cube Crystal will reach you promptly and in pristine condition.
Ā ColourĀ  White
Dimensions Roughly 5cm
Material Pure selenite

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