Square selenite tumbled stone

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This unique squared tumbled selenite crystal is available in a single piece, with each crystal being distinctive and not an exact match to the photo. According to ancient Greeks, selenite crystals possess the power to create a protective barrier, deflecting negative energy away from the person. People often carry these tumbled stones as pocket charms, while ancient Greeks used them ornamentally throughout their homes to ward off evil spirits. The crystal is named after their moon goddess Sele, and when illuminated by natural light, these crystals resemble moon rocks.

Selenite, known for releasing trapped energy, is a favorite among crystal healers. It aids in dispelling energy blockages that may have lingered within a person for years, manifesting as old injuries. Despite its powerful qualities, selenite is remarkably fragile, easily scratched even by a fingernail. The crystal's formation from the evaporation of seawater millions of years ago contributes to its delicate nature.

This selenite crystal, with its high vibrational frequency, creates a protective aura around you. Proper care involves periodic cleansing and charging, which can be achieved under natural sunlight or moonlight. Upon receiving your tumbled selenite stones in the post, it's advisable to leave them in natural sunlight to release any potential trapped negative energy acquired during transit. Elevate your well-being with the ancient wisdom and delicate power of selenite.


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 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 2cm 
Material Pure selenite

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