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Raw Orange Selenite: A Unique Radiance

Discover the captivating beauty of our raw orange selenite pieces, each one a unique creation that may differ slightly from the displayed photo. The crystal emanates a stunning orange glow when basking in natural sunlight, a departure from the more common white or transparent hues. This distinct coloration is attributed to the presence of iron stone during the crystal's formation, transforming it into a vibrant orange masterpiece.

A Creation of Time and Elements

Formed from crystallized salt over millions of years, these raw orange selenite crystals emerge as remnants of continuous saltwater evaporation. Some of the largest crystals worldwide boast this mesmerizing orange hue, a testament to the transformative power of time and natural elements.

Meditative Connections and Chakra Alignment

Utilize raw orange selenite in meditation to establish a connection with three key chakras: the third eye, crown, and sacral chakras. Practitioners often leverage the crystal to tap into the creative and sexual energy housed within the sacral chakra. Beyond connection, the crystal holds the potential to unblock and harmonize these vital energy centers.

Handle with Care

Given its soft composition with a Mohs hardness of only 2.5, exercise caution when handling raw orange selenite to prevent breakage. We prioritize the safe journey of your crystal, employing thorough packaging measures to ensure its secure arrival at your destination.

Embrace the unique allure and metaphysical potential of our raw orange selenite, an exceptional addition to your crystal collection.


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Ā ColourĀ  Orange, Peach
Dimensions Roughly 10 cm
Material Pure selenite

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