Raw pure selenite

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These raw pure selenite crystals exude a magical glow when basking in natural sunlight. Renowned for their ability to cleanse negative energy, these crystals possess a high vibration that can purify and charge the energy within our bodies, minds, or spaces. Particularly useful for individuals emerging from toxic relationships, these crystals aid in extracting lingering negative energy that may still be trapped within.

In addition to personal energy cleansing, these crystals serve as valuable companions for charging and purifying other healing crystals. Their versatile applications extend to home cleansing, where individuals leave them in different rooms to draw out any accumulated negative energy. This cleansing tradition traces its roots back to ancient Egyptian times.

For those seeking a peaceful night's sleep, placing raw pure selenite under the bed is a common practice. Believers attest to the crystal's protective properties during sleep, reducing the likelihood of nightmares and promoting a restful sleep experience. Furthermore, these crystals prove beneficial for individuals dealing with anxiety or stress-related sleep troubles. Meditating with raw pure selenite before bedtime can alleviate negative thoughts and energy, fostering a relaxed state of mind conducive to a better night's sleep.


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Ā ColourĀ  White
Dimensions Roughly 6 cm
Material Pure selenite

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