10cm selenite cleansing tower

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Introducing our exquisite 10cm Cleansing Selenite Tower – a compact yet powerful addition to your space. Here's why this small tower is a great choice:

  • Space-Friendly Design: Measuring at 10cm, this selenite tower is perfect for those looking to enhance their space without overwhelming it. Its small size offers versatility, fitting into any environment effortlessly.

  • Unique and One of a Kind: Each tower is meticulously crafted, ensuring that you receive a truly unique and one-of-a-kind piece. Embrace the individual beauty and energy of your personal selenite tower.

  • Portable and Convenient: Carry the positive vibes wherever you go! This compact tower can easily fit in your bag, making it an ideal companion for beach meditations or simply as a portable good luck charm.

  • Moonlit Radiance: When exposed to natural light, the selenite tower emanates a glow reminiscent of the moon itself. Experience the serene and enchanting ambiance it brings to your surroundings.

  • Ancient Wisdom: Drawing from ancient beliefs, Greeks and Egyptians valued selenite for its protective qualities against negative energy. Use this tower to release trapped energy, promoting a sense of balance and well-being.

  • Ideal Gift for Yogis and Meditators: Share the gift of tranquility with someone special. This cleansing selenite tower is perfect for those who practice yoga or meditation, aiding in connecting to the crown chakra and fostering relaxation.

  • Stress Reduction at Your Desk: Keep this 10cm selenite tower on your desk for a stress-free work environment. Experience heightened focus and a sense of protection, ensuring a positive atmosphere even in the midst of challenges.

Elevate your space and well-being with the profound energy of our 10cm Cleansing Selenite Tower – a small treasure with significant impact.


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 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 10cm in height
Material Pure selenite

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