Peach selenite sphere

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  • Magical Peach Selenite Spheres:

    • Handmade Elegance: Each sphere is meticulously crafted in Morocco, with slight size variations, adding a unique touch to every pair.
    • Polished Perfection: The surface is expertly polished, providing a glossy finish that enhances the magical and healing allure of these spheres.
    • Natural Glow: When illuminated by natural light, these spheres emanate a beautiful, calming glow, bringing peace to any environment.
  • Historical Significance:

    • Ancient Greek Heritage: Selenite's history traces back to ancient Greeks who adorned themselves with jewelry and ornamental features crafted from this crystal.
    • Moon Goddess Connection: Named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene, they believed in the crystal's magical properties and its ability to offer protection from negative energy.
  • Crystal Healing Applications:

    • Sacral Chakra Connection: These polished peach selenite spheres are specifically used to connect with the sacral chakra, promoting balance and well-being.
    • Complementary Healing: Crystal healers often integrate these spheres with other crystals for enhanced healing, as well as for cleansing and charging other healing stones.
  • Care and Cleansing:

    • Energy Maintenance: Avoid overusing selenite to prevent energy entrapment within the crystal; cleanse and charge under natural light or moonlight.
    • Versatile Application: Beyond their healing properties, these spheres double as exquisite ornamental features, adding a touch of elegance to any home.
  • Perfect Gift Option:

    • Ideal for Meditators and Healers: Whether for a meditator or a crystal healer, these polished peach selenite spheres make a thoughtful and enchanting gift.


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 Colour  Orange
Dimensions Roughly 5cm in diameter
Material Pure selenite

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