Large peach selenite sphere

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  • Meditative Bliss:

    • The Large Peach Selenite Sphere is your perfect companion for meditation, aiding in clearing the mind of negative thoughts and promoting grounding.
  • Polished Elegance:

    • With a smooth surface and polished glossy finish, this sphere offers both beauty and comfort. It's not too heavy and provides a comfortable grip.
  • Handmade Excellence:

    • Each sphere is handmade, standing roughly 50 mm in height, with slight variations that add to its unique charm.
  • Stunning Ornamental Feature:

    • These crystals serve as a captivating ornamental feature in any home, emitting a soft, gentle glow when exposed to natural sunlight.
  • Iron Stone Presence:

    • While selenite is typically white or transparent, the peach hue in this sphere comes from the presence of iron stone during its formation.
  • Ancient Craftsmanship:

    • Crafted through the continuous evaporation of saltwater over millions of years, selenite has been used by ancient civilizations for sculptures and jewelry due to its soft and easily crafted nature.
  • Chakra Connection:

    • Harness the sphere's energy to connect with the crown, sacral, and third eye chakras, making it a valuable tool for crystal healers in aligning bone structure and unblocking chakras.
  • Powerful Healing Properties:

    • Despite its soft and fragile nature, peach selenite stands as one of the most powerful crystals in the realm of crystal healing.

Transform your meditation practice and living space with the profound energy and beauty of the Large Peach Selenite Sphere, a symbol of ancient craftsmanship and powerful crystal healing.


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 Colour  Orange, Peach
Dimensions Roughly 5 cm
Material Pure selenite

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