Orange selenite pyramid

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  • Handmade Excellence:

    • Each Orange Selenite Pyramid is meticulously handmade, offering a unique and crafted charm. The listing includes one pyramid with a height of approximately 45 mm, with slight variations due to the handmade nature.
  • Stunning Ornamental Feature:

    • These pyramids serve as captivating ornamental pieces, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any home.
  • Bedroom Tranquility:

    • Popularly placed in bedrooms, these crystals are believed to absorb negative energy, creating a more peaceful and tranquil sleep environment.
  • Polished Elegance:

    • The surface of the crystal is polished to perfection, providing a glossy shine finish that adds to its overall allure.
  • Careful Packaging:

    • We ensure all our selenite products are meticulously packed to prevent breakage during delivery, guaranteeing your crystal arrives in pristine condition.
  • High Vibrational Frequency:

    • Believed to vibrate at a remarkably high frequency, the Orange Selenite Pyramid is considered one of the most powerful healing crystals.
  • Cleansing and Charging Power:

    • This crystal is often used on other healing stones as it possesses the unique ability to cleanse and charge them, amplifying their energies.
  • Meditation Companion:

    • Perfect for meditation, the pyramid can absorb negative energy from thoughts, promoting a comfortable and relaxed meditation experience.
  • Ideal Gift for Meditators and Healers:

    • A thoughtful gift for meditation enthusiasts or crystal healers who understand the significance of having a selenite crystal in their collection.

Enhance your space and well-being with the profound qualities of the Orange Selenite Pyramid – a harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal and metaphysical benefits.


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    • Prioritizing the safety of your order, each parcel is meticulously packaged to ensure it arrives undamaged at its destination.
 Colour  Orange, Peach
Dimensions Roughly 4.5cm
Material Pure selenite

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