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  • Lunar Elegance:

    • This Peach Moon Selenite Bowl, carefully shaped into the form of the moon, captivates with its stunning appearance.
  • Healing Stone Haven:

    • Ideal for storing other healing stones, the high vibration of selenite absorbs negative energy, while the bowl's presence cleanses and charges your crystals.
  • Goddess of the Moon:

    • Named after the moon goddess Selene, this crystal bowl embodies lunar energy and symbolism.
  • Negative Energy Cleanser:

    • Place the bowl in your home to effectively cleanse any lingering negative energy, as selenite is renowned for deflecting negativity.
  • Protection Crystal:

    • Recognized for its ability to ward off negative energy, this peach moon selenite bowl serves as a protective talisman for your space.
  • Handle with Care:

    • Extra caution is advised due to selenite's low hardness (2.5 Mohs), making it prone to breakage and scratching. Treat it gently, as you would with your fingernail.
  • Ancient Formation:

    • Crafted through the crystallization of salt over millions of years, this selenite bowl brings a piece of ancient history into your home.
  • Avoid Water Exposure:

    • Selenite does not react well to water; prolonged exposure can lead to dissolution. Exercise care to maintain the integrity of your crystal.
  • Cleansing Rituals:

    • Upon receiving your Peach Moon Selenite Bowl, perform cleansing and charging rituals under sunlight or moonlight to ensure the crystal's purity.

Enhance your space with the celestial allure of the Peach Moon Selenite Bowl, marrying aesthetic beauty with the powerful energy of selenite for a harmonious and protected environment.


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 Colour  Orange, Peach
Dimensions Roughly 14 cm
Material Pure selenite

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