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This small, handcrafted selenite charging crystal tray is approximately 12cm in length and uniquely made, offering a naturalistic feel. Ideal for displaying healing crystals, it serves as a beautiful ornamental feature in any home, often found in bedrooms or living rooms.

Charging your crystals on this tray not only enhances their energy but also creates a visually appealing arrangement of healing chakra crystals. In Egyptian beliefs, selenite crystals were thought to provide protection against negative energy and unwanted spirits, fostering peace and calmness, especially during vulnerable night time moments.

A perfect gift for yoga or meditation enthusiasts, please note that imperfections may exist within the selenite. The tray originates from Morocco, and like salt, selenite doesn't react well to water. The other healing stones in the photo are not included with the selenite charging tray.


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 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 12cm 
Material Pure selenite

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