Selenite moon dish

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The handmade Selenite Moon Dish is not just a stunning display but a meticulous creation designed to showcase your healing crystals. Crafted from the highest quality selenite crystals, each piece is a testament to both aesthetic appeal and crystal excellence.

Handling this delicate crystal requires extra care, given its Mohs hardness of 2.5. We prioritize secure packaging to ensure your Selenite Moon Dish arrives undamaged, preserving its intricate beauty.

Avoid prolonged exposure to water, as selenite's solubility means it could dissolve. Some choose to place this moon dish in their bedrooms, believing in its ability to absorb negative energy, fostering a tranquil environment. It's thought to absorb negativity from both the surroundings and the body, aiding in chakra balancing and ancient practices.

This moon selenite dish serves as an ideal gift for crystal healers, as it can cleanse and charge other healing stones, ensuring they retain their powers. Embrace the metaphysical properties and timeless elegance of our Selenite Moon Dish in your crystal healing journey.


.Fragile Crystal Protection:

  • Selenite's delicate nature demands careful handling during shipping.
  • We prioritize secure packaging to ensure the crystal arrives undamaged.

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  • Your order is promptly shipped within one working day, ensuring a swift start to its journey.

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Ā ColourĀ  White
Dimensions Roughly 14cm in height
Material Pure selenite