Selenite gem palm stone crystal

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Discover the enchanting medium-sized Selenite Gem Palm Stones, perfect for pocket-sized portability. Carried for protection and good luck, these crystals boast a comfortable, polished surface, fitting seamlessly into the palm for stress and anxiety reduction. Ideal for meditation, the crystal aids in drawing out negative thoughts, promoting relaxation of the mind and body.

Key Features:

  • Pocket-Sized Comfort: The medium-sized Selenite Gem Palm Stones are perfect for on-the-go use, fitting comfortably into pockets. Carrying them is a popular choice for those seeking protection and good luck.

  • Stress Relief: Comfortable to hold, these crystals are effective stress and anxiety reducers. Meditate while holding the crystal to cleanse the mind and relax the body, drawing out negativity.

  • Home Cleansing Ritual: Some use these crystals to cleanse their homes of negative energy by placing them in different rooms. They serve as energetic purifiers, creating harmonious living spaces.

Healing After Toxic Relationships:

  • Recovery Aid: Ideal for those emerging from toxic relationships or experiencing grief, these Selenite Gem Palm Stones serve as supportive tools for absorbing negative energy and fostering emotional healing.

Care and Maintenance:

  • Regular Cleansing: For regular users, frequent cleansing and charging are recommended to release trapped negative energy. Exposure to sunlight or moonlight for a few hours serves as an effective cleansing ritual.

  • Handle with Care: Extra care is essential due to the crystal's soft nature, being crystallized salt. Avoid scratching or breaking by storing it somewhere safe and secure.

  • Water Sensitivity: As a crystal made from crystallized salt, it reacts poorly to prolonged water exposure, potentially causing dissolution. Protect its integrity by avoiding extended contact with water.

Indulge in the soothing energy of these Selenite Gem Palm Stones, embracing their versatility for personal well-being, home cleansing, and emotional healing.


  • Fragility Assurance: Selenite, known for its delicate nature, undergoes meticulous packaging to ensure secure transit.

  • Swift Dispatch: Your satisfaction is our priority. Expect your order to be dispatched within just one working day, ensuring a prompt start to its journey.

  • Efficient Courier Delivery: Teaming up with reliable couriers, we guarantee a seamless and efficient delivery experience. Anticipate receiving your Selenite palm stone within a mere three working days.

Experience peace of mind with our meticulous packaging, swift dispatch, and efficient delivery – ensuring your delicate Selenite palm stone arrives securely and on time.

 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 4cm
Material Pure selenite

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