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This exquisite selenite dish, crafted into the shape of a flower, is a captivating addition to your crystal collection. Its stunning design makes it the perfect vessel for holding and showcasing your precious crystals. Not only functional, but it also adds a touch of elegance as an ornamental feature in any home.

This listing offers one small selenite dish shaped like a flower, highlighting the uniqueness of each piece. Selenite, with a softness rated at 2.5 Mohs, demands careful handling to prevent breakage or damage. Originating from saline water that undergoes millions of years of continuous evaporation, this crystallized salt embodies a soft and delicate nature.

What sets this crystal apart is its believed ability to absorb negative energy. With a high vibration, selenite draws in and cleanses negativity, creating a harmonious environment. This Flower Selenite Dish is more than a decorative item; it's a thoughtful gift for crystal collectors.

For those who regularly use healing crystals, overuse can trap negative energy and diminish their effectiveness. The Flower Selenite Dish comes to the rescue, offering a solution. Simply place your healing crystals in the dish for a few hours, allowing selenite to cleanse and recharge their energy. To revitalize the selenite itself, expose it to sunlight for a few hours, harnessing the sun's energy to restore its powers.

Transform your crystal care routine and space with the Flower Selenite Dish, a unique and functional work of art that brings beauty and positive energy into your home.


Fragile Crystal Care:

  • Selenite's delicate nature demands special attention during shipping.
  • Our meticulous packaging ensures each parcel is well-packed to prevent any damage to the crystal.

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  • Orders are shipped within one working day, ensuring a prompt start to the crystal's journey.

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Ā ColourĀ  White
Dimensions Roughly 10cm
Material Pure selenite

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