Cylinder selenite USB lamp

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This captivating Selenite Cylinder Lamp, reminiscent of lunar aesthetics, brings a magical ambiance to any space. Ideal for bedside tables or desks, this compact lamp features a convenient USB connection that effortlessly fits into laptops or computers. The lamp showcases automatic color-changing capabilities, eliminating the need for a remote.

If you're seeking a distinctive Selenite lamp, this Cylinder Lamp stands out in the market. The LED lights, housed in the wooden base, emit a gentle glow, and the lamp's sturdy, thick base ensures stability.

Beyond aesthetics, these lamps offer numerous health benefits. Placing the Cylinder Selenite Lamp in your most frequented room, such as the living room or bedroom, is recommended. Selenite, a potent crystal, provides protective qualities and can dispel negative energy. Named after the moon goddess Sele, it has been historically used for protection by ancient Greeks.

Whether illuminated or not, the Cylinder Selenite Lamp doubles as a striking ornamental feature, adding character and charm to any home.


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Ā ColourĀ  White
Dimensions Roughly 10cm in height
Material Wood and selenite
Wattage and light source 12 watts and USB connection LED

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