Selenite chakra charging plate

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This exquisite selenite chakra charging plate, adorned with beautiful chakra symbols, is meticulously handmade, adding an elegant touch to any home. Our commitment to secure packaging ensures the safe delivery of this delicate selenite crystal to its destination.

A perfect gift for a crystal healer, this plate not only serves as a captivating ornamental feature but also possesses the unique ability to charge and cleanse other healing stones. Simply leave your crystals on the plate for 24 hours to harness its cleansing powers. The crystal exhibits a white cloudy translucence, adding to its allure.

Selenite's formation involves the continuous evaporation of saline water over millions of years, leaving behind these stunning crystals. Despite its soft nature, requiring careful handling to prevent breakage, selenite is a powerful crystal crystallized from salt. Prolonged exposure to water can cause it to dissolve.

Rooted in tradition, many individuals place these plates in various rooms, believing in the crystal's capacity to absorb negative energy. This practice harks back to Egyptian times when selenite was strategically placed by front doors to ward off unwanted spirits.


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 Colour  White and transparent
Dimensions Roughly 8 cm 
Material Pure selenite

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