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ļ»æThis listing is for 2 selenite candle holders log shaped, the outer surface of the crystal has been shaped to look like the bark of a tree. The crystal can be found in abundance all over the world and has been made into jewellery and sculptures for thousands of years, as the crystal is very soft and easy to work with. It is believed that having a selenite crystal will stop spirits from entering your home as the crystal has the ability to deflect negative energy. Once these candles are lit they will have a beautiful orange glow that will bring a relaxing feel into your home. Each of these candle holders is handmade, and as each one is handmade they might not look exactly the same as the ones in the photo.

Extra care is required while handling the crystal as they could easily break, the crystal is very soft and it is made from crystalized salt. It also does not react well with water, long exposure to water can cause the crystal to dissolve.

Once you have received two of your selenite log candle holders you will need to charge and cleanse your crystal just in case negative energy has gotten trapped within from the journey. You can cleanse your crystal by leaving it out in the sun for a few hours. Or you can cleanse and charge your crystal under direct moonlight.


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Ā ColourĀ  White
Dimensions Roughly 8 cm in height
Material Selenite


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