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Explore our exquisite collection of handmade Selenite Bracelets, each meticulously crafted for a stunning and comfortable accessory. The crystal's surface is polished and smoothed, ensuring an indulgent experience when worn. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these bracelets are more than adornments—they are believed to bring good luck and protection.

Derived from the crystallization of salt, a process spanning millions of years through the continuous evaporation of saline water, these Selenite Bracelets showcase the beauty left behind by nature's transformative forces.

Perfect for meditation, these bracelets possess the remarkable ability to cleanse both mind and body of negative energy. Delve into a profound meditative experience, aiming to connect with the crown chakra—an overwhelming journey that may reveal glimpses of guardian angels, divine insights, or a deeper connection to the universe and the natural world.

In meditation, these Selenite Bracelets harmonize effortlessly with other healing crystals, enhancing their powers and encouraging the seamless flow of energy between them. This unique quality amplifies the therapeutic benefits of your crystal collection.

For those grappling with anxiety or stress, these bracelets become a soothing ally. A simple meditation session can help cleanse the mind, promoting a serene mental state. Incorporating the crystal into your bedtime routine may contribute to a better night's sleep, alleviating the challenges of stress-induced restlessness.

Elevate your well-being with our Selenite Bracelets, where craftsmanship meets spirituality, and each piece becomes a conduit to positive energy, protection, and inner harmony.


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 Colour  White
Dimensions Bead size 6mm
Material Pure selenite

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