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Elevate your crystal healing practice with our unique and handcrafted Large Selenite Charging Plate, measuring approximately 15cm in diameter. This one-of-a-kind plate is meticulously made by hand, ensuring each piece is distinctive and radiates a celestial charm. Crafted from pure selenite, it boasts a mesmerizing cloudy white color that transforms into a gentle, moon-like glow when exposed to natural light.

Selenite, sourced from South America and Morocco, holds a rich history embedded in ancient Greek beliefs. Named after their moon goddess, Sele, these plates were revered for their high vibrational properties believed to offer protection against malevolent spirits. Beyond its celestial origins, this large charging selenite plate transcends ordinary function.

Unlike conventional plates, selenite is soluble and may dissolve when exposed to water. Exercise caution by avoiding exposure to rain or dishwashers, and opt for cleaning with a dry cloth and polish. Perfect for crystal healer collectors, this plate not only enhances the visual appeal of your crystal collection but also serves a functional purpose.

Embrace the enchanting allure of these charging plates as they go beyond mere ornamentation. With their ability to cleanse and charge other crystal-healing stones, they release any trapped energy within, adding a layer of mystique and potency to your crystal healing endeavors. Transform your space into a haven of positive energy with the ethereal beauty and metaphysical benefits of our Large Selenite Charging Plate.


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 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 15cm 
Material Pure selenite

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