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  • Stunning Chakra Design: Each Chakra Selenite Wand is visually striking, featuring healing crystals intricately tied to the selenite with copper wire. As handmade creations, they may vary slightly from the photo, adding to their unique charm.

  • Ideal Gift: A perfect present for meditation enthusiasts or crystal collectors, this handmade wand is thoughtfully crafted for aesthetic and spiritual appeal.

  • Negative Energy Absorption: The chakra wand serves as a tool for absorbing negative energy, promoting a clearer mind and encouraging positive thoughts during meditation.

  • Enhanced Crystal Powers: Utilize the wand to facilitate the flow of energy between crystals. Selenite's unique properties make it a valuable companion to enhance the powers of other healing stones when used together.

  • Sleep Aid and Protection: Some choose to place the chakra selenite wand under their pillow or bed, believing in its protective qualities during sleep. It's said to reduce the likelihood of nightmares and promote a restful night's sleep, particularly beneficial for those facing sleep challenges.

  • Fragile Nature: Handle with care, as selenite is fragile and can break easily. We prioritize secure packaging to ensure your Chakra Selenite Wand arrives safely at its destination.

Elevate your spiritual practices and promote positive energy with this exquisite Chakra Selenite Wand, designed for both beauty and functionality.


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 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 10cm 
Material Pure selenite

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