Can selenite go in water?

Can selenite go in water?


Selenite, with its ethereal glow and powerful energy, has captured the fascination of crystal enthusiasts worldwide. As you delve into the realm of crystal healing, questions about selenite's interaction with water may have crossed your mind. Can selenite go in water? Is it safe to expose it to water during cleansing or recharging rituals? Let's embark on a journey to unravel the mysteries surrounding selenite and its aquatic encounters.

The Gentle Essence of Selenite

Selenite, a crystal formed millions of years ago from crystallized salt, boasts a delicate beauty. Its softness sets it apart as one of the most tender crystals, susceptible to scratches even from a fingernail. Understanding its fundamental composition is key to appreciating the precautions required when introducing it to water.

Selenite's Mohs Hardness and Water Vulnerability

On the Mohs hardness scale, which measures the resistance of minerals to abrasion, selenite scores a mere 2.0. This places it well below the threshold for water endurance, signifying that prolonged exposure to water will lead to its dissolution. While some may experiment with placing selenite in a glass of water with hopes of purifying the liquid, this practice is not advisable, as the crystal is likely to dissolve over time.

Dissolution Duration: A Patient Process

Studies indicate that selenite doesn't dissolve instantly upon contact with water. The process may take several hours, offering a nuanced perspective on its water resilience. If you opt to cleanse your crystal with a damp cloth, exercising caution, it should generally remain unharmed. However, avoid scratching the surface, as the softness of selenite requires gentle handling.

Water Submersion Caution

For those who choose to cleanse and recharge their selenite outdoors, concerns about rainwater exposure may arise. Fear not; a brief encounter with rain is unlikely to dissolve your crystal. However, submerging selenite in water for an extended period, approximately one hour, can lead to flaking and potential damage. Exercise prudence in your crystal care routines, and your selenite will radiate its energy unscathed.

Toxicity Concerns: Unveiling Selenite's Safety

Selenite, fortunately, is not a toxic crystal. Handling it is considered safe, but precautions should be taken to prevent inhalation or contact with eyes and sensitive areas when handling crystal particles. Even if your feline friend exhibits an interest in selenite or encounters dissolved fragments, rest assured that selenite is non-toxic.

Safeguarding Selenite in Humidity

While selenite holds its own against brief encounters with moisture, consistent exposure to damp environments can pose long-term risks. Storing your crystal in a dry, dark place, especially if humidity is prevalent, safeguards it from potential damage over time. For those indulging in a crystal-infused bath, keeping selenite nearby without submerging it ensures a harmonious coexistence.

In your quest to unlock the full potential of selenite, navigate the delicate balance between its enchanting properties and vulnerability to water. As you tread the waters of crystal care, let the radiant energy of selenite guide you, and cherish this exquisite crystal in your healing journey.

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