Tree of life selenite necklace

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Adorn yourself with our exquisite Tree of Life Necklaces, each meticulously handmade to perfection. The copper wire, skillfully enveloping the crystal, not only adds to the necklace's beauty but also ensures the crystal's secure placement. As each piece is a unique creation, expect variations that contribute to its one-of-a-kind charm. These Tree of Life necklaces promise to infuse joy into your life, making them an ideal gift for crystal healer collectors.

Selenite Crystal Cleansing Power

Embrace the benefits of selenite crystal, known for its ability to cleanse negative energy from the body. Perfect for crystal enthusiasts, the Tree of Life necklace becomes a symbol of rejuvenation and spiritual well-being.

Perfect Gift for Crystal Healer Collectors

Designed with intention, our Tree of Life necklace is an excellent gift choice. Overusing healing crystals can diminish their powers, but selenite steps in to cleanse and recharge other stones, making it a thoughtful addition to any crystal collection.

Protection and Benefits of Selenite

Despite selenite's delicate nature, the metal wiring forming the Tree of Life provides protection, ensuring durability while preserving the crystal's beauty. Wearing this necklace daily offers numerous benefits, including clearing the mind of negative energy and promoting restful sleep.

Stress and Anxiety Reduction

Selenite is a powerful ally in stress and anxiety reduction. When life's pressures mount, simply hold the Tree of Life necklace, meditate, and focus on exhaling negativity. In just a few minutes, experience the calming effects of selenite's high vibrational energy.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of our Tree of Life Necklaces, where aesthetics meet holistic well-being. Each piece is not just jewelry; it's a companion on your journey to a balanced and positive life.


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Ā ColourĀ  White and silver
Dimensions Roughly 5 cm
Material Pure selenite

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