Small selenite star bowl dish

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Indulge in the elegance of our Small Selenite Star Bowl Dish, crafted from the finest quality selenite, boasting a pristine white and transparent hue. The surface is expertly polished, imparting a glossy shine that enhances its beauty. Each handmade bowl may vary slightly in size, adding a unique touch to your collection.

This listing is for one Selenite Star Bowl Dish, carefully packaged to ensure safe delivery to its destination. A thoughtful gift for meditation practitioners or crystal enthusiasts, this dish is designed to charge and cleanse healing crystals effectively.

Harnessing the inherent ability of selenite to absorb negative energy, this star bowl dish becomes a sanctuary for your healing crystals. Simply place your crystals inside, allowing them to rejuvenate for 24 hours. Ancient Egyptians recognized the potent powers of selenite, creating exquisite sculptures and jewelry while strategically placing it around their homes to cleanse negative energy.

Handle with care, as selenite is a soft crystal that can easily be damaged. Its softness is such that it can be scratched by a fingernail, highlighting the need for gentle handling. Formed over millions of years through the continuous evaporation of saline water, selenite crystals stand as one of the world's largest and most captivating formations. Immerse yourself in the beauty and ancient energy of our Small Selenite Star Bowl Dish, a timeless addition to your crystal collection.


  • Selenite, being fragile, undergoes careful packaging to prevent damage during shipping
  • Our parcels are meticulously packed to ensure the safe transit of this delicate crystal
  • Orders are dispatched within one working day, ensuring swift delivery initiation
  • Couriers typically take approximately three working days for the secure and reliable delivery process
  • Our commitment to preserving the integrity of your fragile crystal is evident in our thorough packaging procedures.
Ā ColourĀ  White
Dimensions Roughly 7cm
Material Pure selenite

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