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Introducing our Handmade Small Selenite Globe with Stand – each a unique and magical crystal ball crafted by hand. These enchanting spheres not only serve as stunning ornamental features but also hold numerous benefits. Ancient Egyptians believed in their protective properties against spirits, and today, meditating with these crystals can help dispel toxic negative thoughts.

Key Features:

  • Artisan Craftsmanship: Handmade to perfection, each small selenite globe with a stand is a unique work of art, resembling a magical crystal ball.

  • Spiritual Protection: Rooted in ancient beliefs, these globes were revered by the Egyptians for their ability to ward off spirits, adding a touch of spiritual protection to your home.

  • Negative Energy Cleansing: Meditate with the crystal to release toxic thoughts and negative energy, promoting a sense of calmness and clarity.

  • Ornamental Elegance: Beyond their spiritual benefits, these globes make a stunning ornamental feature, perfect for any home or a thoughtful gift for a loved one.

Product Details:

  • Variety in Style: Each listing includes one small selenite globe with a stand, with the style of the stand varying for added uniqueness.

  • Quality Assurance: Standing at approximately 45mm in height, we pride ourselves on selling only the best quality selenite crystals.

Meditative Bliss:

  • Comfortable Meditation: These small selenite globes are designed for comfortable meditation, aiding in connecting with the crown chakra for a potentially overwhelming yet transformative experience.

  • Stress Relief: Perfect for relaxation, these globes help release stress and anxiety. A mere 10-minute meditation session can clear your mind and alleviate worries.

Elevate your space and well-being with our Handmade Small Selenite Globe with Stand – a harmonious blend of artisan craftsmanship, spiritual significance, and ornamental elegance.


  • Crystal Care: Selenite, being delicate, receives special attention during packaging to ensure it arrives undamaged.

  • Secure Parceling: Each parcel undergoes meticulous packing, minimizing the risk of damage during transit and ensuring the selenite's safe arrival.

  • Swift Delivery: Our reliable courier service guarantees delivery within 3 working days, ensuring a prompt receipt of your precious selenite.

  • Efficient Processing: With our dedicated team, we require only one working day to prepare your parcel for shipping, ensuring a timely dispatch.

 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 4 cm
Material Pure selenite

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