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Experience the enchantment of our small selenite ball, meticulously crafted with the finest quality selenite crystal. This captivating piece resembles a magical crystal ball from another realm, featuring a white cloudy transparent hue that transforms into a soft, gentle glow reminiscent of the moon when exposed to natural sunlight.

Crystal Characteristics:

  • Gypsum Family: Belonging to the gypsum family, this crystal emerges from the evaporation of saline water, leaving behind these exquisite formations.
  • Handle with Care: Given its 2.5 Mohs hardness, extra care is essential when handling these delicate crystals.

Peace and Calmness Infusion:

  • Meditative Elegance: The primary allure lies in its ability to bring peace and calmness to your life, cleansing the mind and body by dispelling negative energy.
  • Perfectly Polished: Crafted with precision, this small selenite ball, approximately 40mm in height, boasts a perfect polish for comfortable meditation without being overly cumbersome.

Versatile Decor Piece:

  • Ornamental Beauty: This listing includes one small selenite ball without a stand, adding stunning ornamental beauty to any home.
  • Protection and Luck: Beyond aesthetics, selenite is renowned for its protective properties, making it the perfect crystal for invoking good luck.

Elevate your space with the serene energy and aesthetic charm of this small handmade selenite ball—a versatile addition for meditation, decor, and positive vibes.


  • Fragile Crystal Protection:

    • Selenite Sensitivity: Recognizing the fragility of selenite, we prioritize meticulous packaging to prevent any damage during transit.
    • Secure Parceling: Each parcel is carefully packed, ensuring your selenite crystal arrives in pristine condition.
  • Efficient Courier Service:

    • Timely Delivery: Our reliable courier service guarantees delivery within 3 working days.
    • Prompt Dispatch: We dedicate one working day to prepare and dispatch your parcel promptly.

Ensure your selenite crystal reaches you undamaged and in a timely manner with our careful packaging and efficient courier services.

 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 4 cm
Material Pure selenite

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