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This small circle plate, measuring approximately 8cm in diameter, is a charming piece of selenite. Its small size makes it convenient for carrying as a lucky charm in a handbag or pocket. Additionally, placing this small selenite plate under your pillow is believed to offer protection, peace, and calmness during nighttime.

Handcrafted individually, each small circle selenite plate may vary slightly in size and appearance from the one depicted in the photo. The plate's beauty lies in its uniqueness. In situations where negative energy lingers, such as after an argument, selenite is thought to absorb and dispel these bad vibes, creating a more positive atmosphere. Moreover, if a person carries trapped energy, selenite is believed to release this stagnant energy that may have persisted for years.

Aside from its protective properties, this small circle plate serves as an ideal display for other healing crystals. Many use selenite to cleanse and purify their collection of healing stones. It is recommended to keep these plates in the room where you spend most of your time to enjoy their positive influence.

This plate is a thoughtful gift for yoga or meditation enthusiasts. The calming presence of selenite can enhance the meditation experience, promoting relaxation and flexibility. Embrace the serenity that this small selenite circle plate brings into your life or share it with someone special.


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 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 8cm 
Material Pure selenite

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