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Transform your space with White Selenite Tiles, meticulously crafted to showcase and purify your healing crystals. The transparent crystals, historically used in glass windows, require gentle handling as they're fragile and sensitive to water. Ensure a secure placement to prevent damage, and trust our well-packed packages for safe delivery.

Key Features:

  • Shape: Selenite Tile
  • Color: White and Transparent
  • Functionality: Ideal for Displaying and Charging Healing Crystals
  • Historical Significance: Once Used in Glass Windows
  • Handling Caution: Fragile and Sensitive to Water
  • Packaging Assurance: Well-Packed for Safe Delivery

Unique Properties: Explore the special attributes of this crystal, believed to possess a high vibration with the capacity to absorb and dispel negative energy. Users find it beneficial for unblocking chakras and withdrawing negativity from the body.

Ancient Wisdom: Embrace the tradition of the ancient Egyptians who placed these crystals around their homes to absorb negative energy. Consider placing these Selenite Tiles in your bedroom for a restful sleep, leveraging their believed ability to deflect negativity, cleanse, and charge the mind.

Elevate your environment with the transformative energy of Selenite Tiles ā€“ your pathway to a harmonious and charged space.


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Ā ColourĀ  White, TransparentĀ 
Dimensions Roughly 20 cmĀ 
Material Pure selenite

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