Selenite stone bracelet

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This selenite stone bracelet looks stunning each one is handmade and unique, the crystal has a beautiful glow once exposed to natural sunlight. At the front of the bracelets, there are selenite beads while the rest of the bracelet is made up of black stones. A selenite crystal is often referred to as a protection crystal and many will carry the crystal for good luck. We only use the best quality selenite crystal, and we make sure that all of our packages are well-packed to make sure that they arrive undamaged at their destination.

These beautiful selenite stone bracelets should be in the possession of every crystal healer, a selenite crystal can enhance the powers of other healing stones. It can also encourage the flow of energy between different crystals. Selenite is often used to cleanse and charge other healing stones. What makes this selenite stone bracelet so special is its ability to enhance the powers of other healing crystals and help the flow of energy between different crystals.

These selenite stone bracelets are very comfortable to wear, some believe that the high vibration from the crystal can give us a boost in confidence. Others believe that any negative energy that might exist within our bodies will be taken out in the presence of a selenite crystal. The crystal can help cleanse the mind of negative thoughts, might be a very beneficial crystal for those who suffers from anxiety or stress.

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