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Discover the beauty of our unique selenite leaf trays, each meticulously handmade to showcase individuality. Perfect for displaying healing crystals, these trays add a touch of elegance to any home as ornamental features. Ensuring the safe arrival of these delicate selenite creations, we go the extra mile with secure packaging.

Versatile Crystal Care:

  • Many use these selenite leaf trays to charge and cleanse their healing stones.
  • Selenite's ability to absorb negative energy makes it a popular choice for placing around homes, creating a cleansing atmosphere.

Ancient Traditions and Spiritual Connection:

  • Reflecting traditions from Egyptian times, these trays can be strategically placed, such as by the front door, to ward off negative energy and unwanted spirits.
  • Incorporate the selenite tray into your meditation practice to clear the mind of negativity and connect with the crown chakra for a spiritual experience.

Crystal Caution:

  • Selenite's soft nature requires careful handling to avoid breakage.
  • As a crystallized salt, selenite does not react well with water, and prolonged exposure may lead to dissolution.

Revitalize Your Crystal:

  • Guard against overuse by leaving the selenite tray in the sun for a few hours, allowing the crystal to cleanse and recharge, maintaining its powers.

Transform your space and crystal care routine with the enchanting beauty and versatile benefits of our handmade selenite leaf trays.


Crystal Protection:

  • Selenite's delicate nature requires careful handling during shipping.
  • Our parcels are meticulously packed to prevent any damage to the fragile crystal.

Swift Dispatch:

  • Orders are shipped within one working day, ensuring a prompt start to the crystal's journey.

Efficient Courier Delivery:

  • The courier service typically takes around 3 working days for secure and timely delivery.
Ā ColourĀ  White
Dimensions Roughly 8cm
Material Pure selenite

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