Selenite crystal charging bar

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This exquisite Selenite Crystal Charging Bar is a work of art, meticulously handmade and adorned with beautiful chakra symbols. An ideal gift for crystal enthusiasts, this charging bar is not only visually stunning but also a powerful tool for maintaining the energies of healing crystals.

Key Features:

  • Handmade Elegance: Each charging bar is crafted by hand, ensuring a unique and beautifully designed piece.

  • Chakra Symbols: The inclusion of chakra symbols enhances the aesthetic appeal and spiritual significance of the charging bar.

  • Perfect Gift: For those who collect healing crystals, this Selenite Charging Bar is a thoughtful and meaningful gift.

  • Cleansing and Charging: Selenite is renowned for its ability to cleanse and charge other crystals. Place your crystals on the bar for 24 hours to rejuvenate their energies.

  • High Vibration: Recognized as one of the most potent healing crystals, Selenite is believed to possess a high vibration that can absorb negative energy.

Care Instructions:

  • Handle with Care: Due to its delicate nature, handle the crystal with care to prevent breakage. Selenite is a soft crystal that requires gentle handling.

  • Soft Formation: Formed over millions of years through the crystallization of salt, Selenite is physically soft despite its powerful healing properties.

  • Charging Method: Recharge your Selenite Crystal Charging Bar by placing it in sunlight for a few hours. This simple process ensures its longevity and effectiveness.

Protection Stone:

  • Negative Energy Absorption: As a protection stone, Selenite has the ability to absorb or deflect negative energy, creating a more serene and relaxing environment.

  • Ideal for Bedrooms: Many choose to place these beautiful crystals in their bedrooms to enhance the calming atmosphere.

Elevate your crystal collection with this enchanting Selenite Crystal Charging Bar – a harmonious blend of aesthetic charm and spiritual significance.


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 Colour  White 
Dimensions Roughly 20 cm 
Material Pure selenite

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