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Create exquisite jewelry with our Selenite Crystal Beads, meticulously crafted to showcase the stunning beauty of this crystal. Resembling crystal glass, each bead is expertly polished and smoothed, ensuring a comfortable and elegant accessory.

  • Cleansing Properties:

    • Embrace the inherent cleansing power of Selenite, perfect for warding off negative energy. Let your creations not only dazzle but also contribute to spiritual well-being.
  • Ancient Egyptian Inspiration:

    • Draw inspiration from ancient Egyptian traditions, where crystal jewelry was believed to offer protection from spirits. The crystal was also used to cleanse homes of negative energy.
  • Versatile Crafting Material:

    • Selenite's abundance worldwide makes it a preferred choice for crafting beautiful jewelry and sculptures. Its soft nature allows easy shaping and crafting into intricate designs.
  • String of Elegance:

    • This listing includes a string of Selenite Crystal Beads, approximately 4mm in size, totaling about 96 beads. Handle with care, as Selenite is a delicate crystal that requires gentle attention.
  • Crystal Care Tips:

    • Avoid exposing the jewelry to prolonged water contact, as Selenite can dissolve with extended exposure. While rain and showers are fine, it's advisable to remove the jewelry before swimming or bathing.
  • Radiant Glow in Sunlight:

    • Witness the transformative beauty of these crystals as they emit a soft, gentle glow when exposed to natural sunlight.
  • Cleansing Rituals:

    • For those using the crystals to absorb negative energy, regular cleansing is advised. Place the beads under direct sunlight for a few hours or use the gentle glow of moonlight for a thorough cleanse.

Elevate your jewelry creations with the exquisite Selenite Crystal Beads, where beauty meets spirituality in every carefully crafted piece.


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    • Our trusted courier service is dedicated to delivering your package in approximately 3 working days, ensuring a timely arrival.
  • Secure Packaging:

    • Every parcel undergoes meticulous packing to guarantee the safe and secure transit of your delicate Selenite Crystal Beads.
  • Dedicated to Safety:

    • We prioritize the safety of your purchase, taking every precaution to ensure it arrives undamaged and ready to be part of your exquisite creations.
  • Timely Elegance at Your Doorstep:

    • Anticipate the swift arrival of your Selenite Crystal Beads, packaged with precision and delivered with the efficiency you deserve.
Ā ColourĀ  White
Dimensions Bead size 4 mm
Material Pure selenite

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