Raw selenite slab

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This raw selenite slab offers a perfect companion for meditation, drawing away negative energy from the mind and promoting focus and relaxation. Adorned with chakra symbols, the white transparent crystal brings positive energy to your home. Each handmade slab is unique, adding character to your space.

Placing the raw selenite slab in the bedroom can aid sleep, especially for those dealing with anxiety or stress. Meditating with the crystal helps absorb negative energy, creating a more relaxed state of mind and facilitating easier sleep. Some believe it may even reduce the likelihood of nightmares. In ancient Egyptian tradition, selenite was utilized to craft sculptures and jewelry to deflect negative energy, and placing it by the front door was thought to prevent spirits from entering.

Not only a decorative piece, this raw selenite slab is an excellent way to showcase your healing crystals. Its ability to charge and cleanse other crystals makes it a valuable addition to your collection, creating a beautiful and harmonious feature in any home.


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 Colour  White, transparent
Dimensions Roughly 20 cm 
Material Pure selenite

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