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Indulge in the ethereal allure of our handcrafted Raw Selenite Necklaces, each fashioned from exquisite raw selenite sticks measuring approximately 5 cm in height. Due to their unique, handmade nature, no two necklaces are identical, offering a distinct charm that may vary from the showcased photo. The crystal exhibits a captivating colorless, cloudy appearance, adding to its mystique.

These raw selenite necklaces are indispensable for those seeking a connection to the crown chakra, achievable through deep meditation. Infused with an otherworldly feel, the crystal derives its name from Selene, the goddess of the moon. A timeless gem, selenite has a rich history spanning thousands of years, often used in jewelry crafting due to its widespread availability globally. Revered as a protective crystal, selenite serves to ward off negative energy.

Ideal for meditation enthusiasts or yoga practitioners, the raw selenite necklace aids in clearing the mind of negative thoughts, fostering relaxation during contemplative practices. Its stylish and elegant design embodies a minimalist aesthetic, making it a versatile accessory.

Formed millions of years ago through the gradual evaporation of saline water, these crystals represent a timeless beauty. Beyond aesthetics, our raw selenite necklace offers protection and aids in cleansing negative energy. Widely recognized for its stress-relieving and anxiety-reducing properties, selenite becomes a harmonious companion for daily wear.

Gift someone special or treat yourself to the enchanting energy of our raw selenite necklaces, embracing not only their aesthetic appeal but also the holistic well-being they bring.


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Ā ColourĀ  White and silver
Dimensions Roughly 5 cm
Material Pure selenite

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