Moon selenite chakra necklace

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Immerse yourself in celestial energy with our Moon Selenite Chakra Necklace. Meticulously handcrafted from pure selenite, this pendant takes the enchanting shape of the moon, paying homage to Selene, the goddess of the moon. Each healing crystal adorning the pendant corresponds to a different chakra, making it a harmonious blend of spiritual significance.

Handmade with care, each Moon Selenite Chakra Necklace is subtly unique, showcasing the individuality of the crystals. A delicately attached metal hoop at the top allows for easy pairing with a chain, transforming it into a wearable piece around your neck.

Beyond its aesthetic allure, this crystal is renowned for its protective properties, believed by many to ward off negative energies. Utilized in cleansing rituals, it assists in absorbing and dispelling negativity from both the body and the surrounding environment. This pendant serves as an exquisite gift, particularly for those who embrace meditation practices.

The Moon Selenite Chakra Necklace is more than just a beautiful accessory; it is a symbol of good luck. Some practitioners attribute air-clearing qualities to this crystal, fostering a positive atmosphere. Wearing this necklace is thought to elevate confidence and self-esteem, imparting a sense of inner strength.

Introduce a calming aura to your surroundings by strategically placing selenite crystals throughout your home. Transparent and colorless, selenite was historically employed in glassmaking. However, caution is advised, as this soft crystal is not compatible with water.

Embrace the ancient tradition of crystal healing that traces its roots back to ancient Egypt. Elevate your spiritual journey and aesthetic with the Moon Selenite Chakra Necklace – a timeless piece connecting you to the celestial realm.


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 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 4 cm
Material Pure selenite

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