Massage selenite wand

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This meticulously polished and rounded massage wand stands at approximately 20cm in height, handcrafted with slight dimensional variations. Designed for optimal comfort, the wand's smooth and rounded surface makes it a perfect tool for massaging the body, particularly in areas with injuries.

Crystal healers utilize these selenite massage wands to cleanse and release trapped negative energy within the body, offering relief from long-standing discomfort. However, given the soft and fragile nature of selenite, it requires extra care in handling and should be stored in a secure place, away from water.

Selenite's historical use traces back to ancient Greek times, where it was employed to craft various objects. The Greeks believed in its high vibrational energy, considering it a potent tool for dispelling negative energy from any environment. Named after the Greek moon goddess Sele, selenite was thought to create a protective aura around individuals. When exposed to natural sunlight, this crystal emits a moonlit glow, adding to its mystical allure.


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 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 15cm 
Material Pure selenite

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