Heart Crystal selenite plate

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This heart-shaped selenite crystal plate is a unique and thoughtful gift, featuring a medium size of approximately 10cm in diameter. Each plate is handcrafted in Morocco, ensuring a one-of-a-kind piece with a stunning glow when exposed to light.

Unlike ordinary crystal plates, this selenite plate requires special care as it is not water-friendly. Avoid cleaning it with water, and definitely keep it away from the dishwasher. To maintain its beauty, a gentle wipe with a dry cloth and some polish is recommended.

For those struggling with sleep or seeking protection from negative energy, placing this heart selenite plate by the bedside is believed to bring a sense of calm and relaxation. Many yoga enthusiasts incorporate selenite into their practice, using it to enhance focus and relaxation before sessions. Additionally, selenite is known for its ability to charge other healing stones, making this heart selenite plate an ideal display for your precious crystals.

Upon receiving your plate, it's advisable to cleanse and charge it under sunlight, ensuring any accumulated negative energy is dispelled. This small ritual ensures that the selenite plate is ready to bring its positive energy into your space.


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 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 10cm 
Material Pure selenite

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