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This stunning gold selenite necklace is a true work of art, meticulously handcrafted with a carefully designed gold wire pattern to secure the elegant selenite crystal in place. Each necklace features a unique arrangement, as they are all individually handmade. While the gold wire is not made of real gold, it adds a touch of sophistication to the overall design.

Your purchase includes one pendant, thoughtfully displayed in a stylish box upon delivery. Due to the handmade nature, each necklace will possess its own distinct charm while maintaining a similar aesthetic.

Many individuals choose to wear this raw selenite necklace for its believed ability to repel negative energy. Additionally, wearing the crystal during sleep is thought to influence lucid dreaming and reduce the likelihood of nightmares.

Drawing inspiration from the jewelry crafted by ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago, these raw selenite necklaces evoke a sense of timeless beauty. In ancient times, Egyptians and Greeks fashioned selenite into exquisite pieces, believing in its power to ward off evil spirits.

Beyond its captivating appearance, this necklace serves a purpose. It is not merely a fashion accessory but a tool to help alleviate stress and anxiety. The crystal is renowned for its ability to cleanse and purify negative energy within the body.

Investing in this raw selenite necklace is not just acquiring a beautiful piece; it's embracing a purposeful accessory that can also be a heartfelt gift for a loved one.


  • Exceptional Packaging: We take pride in our meticulous packaging methods, ensuring that every selenite necklace is well-protected to guarantee its safe arrival at your doorstep. Our commitment to securing these delicate crystals reflects our dedication to customer satisfaction.

  • Prompt Dispatch: Your orders are our priority. With a commitment to efficiency, we aim to dispatch your parcel within one working day. This quick turnaround ensures that you receive your selenite necklace promptly, ready to experience its unique energy.

  • Reliable Courier Service: We've partnered with a trusted courier service known for its reliability. The estimated delivery time is three working days, providing you with a reliable timeline for when to expect your carefully packaged selenite necklace.

Ā ColourĀ  White and Gold
Dimensions Roughly 5 cm
Material Pure selenite

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