Chakra selenite wand

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  • Exquisite Chakra Selenite Wand: Handmade to perfection, this chakra selenite wand is a must-have for every crystal healer's collection.

  • Complete Chakra Crystals: The listing includes 1 chakra selenite wand adorned with all the essential chakra crystals. Each crystal is securely attached with copper wire, though sizes may vary.

  • Handle with Care: Exercise extra caution when handling this delicate crystal, as selenite is soft and prone to scratching. Keep it stored in a safe and secure place to prevent damage.

  • Meticulous Packaging: We go the extra mile in packaging to ensure the crystal arrives undamaged at its destination. Our secure packaging prioritizes the safety of your precious purchase.

  • Home Cleansing Tradition: Many utilize this chakra selenite wand to cleanse their homes of negative energy. Whether waving it around or placing it in different rooms, this practice dates back to ancient Egyptian times, where crystals were left by the front door to ward off negative spirits.

  • Protection Crystal: Selenite is renowned as a protection crystal, capable of absorbing negative energy. Highly beneficial for meditation, this wand aids in connecting to all chakras and enhancing the powers of other healing crystals during meditation sessions.


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 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 9cm 
Material Pure selenite

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