Carved selenite crystal wand

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Exquisite Hand-Carved Selenite Wands: Crafted with precision, these selenite wands feature beautiful spirals, perfectly polished to radiate a magical aura.

Natural Glow in Light: As natural light graces the selenite, it emanates a captivating, natural glow, enhancing its enchanting appearance.

Unique Dimensions: Standing at approximately 15 cm, each selenite wand is a one-of-a-kind, hand-carved piece, showcasing individuality and craftsmanship.

Artisanal Origins: Sourced from Morocco, these wands are meticulously crafted by local artisans, with the surface polished to achieve a smooth finish.

Ancient Protection Beliefs: Embraced by ancient Greeks, selenite is believed to offer protection from negative energy, making these wands ideal for home use.

Sleep-enhancing Properties: Placing these wands under your pillow during nighttime is thought to aid in better sleep, harnessing selenite's associated qualities of peace and calmness.

Yoga and Meditation Companion: Popular among yoga and meditation practitioners, these hand-carved selenite wands assist in connecting to the crown chakra, fostering a link to the spiritual realm.

Negative Energy Cleansing: A simple wave of this wand can help dispel lingering negative energy in your home, especially after encounters with negative individuals.

Gypsum Crystal Origins: Formed millions of years ago through the continuous evaporation of salt, selenite is a soft gypsum crystal, with a material so delicate it can be scratched with a fingernail.


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 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 15cm 
Material Pure selenite

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