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Elegantly handcrafted, the Aura Selenite Wand stands out as an exquisite tool for cleansing negative energy. Meticulously designed with a heart-shaped top and a distinctive twist, this wand is not just a crystal but a work of art. Its pointed tip adds an extra dimension, enhancing its ability to penetrate and absorb negative energy effectively.

This versatile wand is a perfect gift for those who practice meditation or are avid crystal collectors. Its high vibrational energy, attributed to selenite, makes it a potent tool for drawing in and dispelling negative energy. Whether used for chakra unblocking, aligning the spine, or enhancing meditation sessions, the Aura Selenite Wand proves to be a valuable companion.

Given the delicate nature of selenite, it requires careful handling to prevent breakage or scratching. Our commitment to ensuring its safe delivery is reflected in the extra precautions taken during packaging.

Upon receiving this unique wand, taking the time to cleanse and charge it is essential. Exposure to sunlight for a few hours or the soft glow of moonlight will rejuvenate its energy. It's worth noting that selenite, with its crystallized salt composition, should be shielded from prolonged contact with water to prevent dissolution.

Elevate your spiritual practices and energy work with the Aura Selenite Wand – a captivating blend of craftsmanship and metaphysical potency.


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 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 12cm 
Material Pure selenite

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