Why keep selenite by the front door?

Why keep selenite by the front door?


There are myriad reasons why individuals choose to place their selenite crystals by the front door, each stemming from the crystal's perceived ability to absorb and deflect negative energy. Named after the moon goddess in both Greek and Roman mythology, selenite's ethereal appearance, often white and transparent or cloudy, holds an otherworldly charm. This powerful crystal is not only a protective talisman but also serves as a source of comfort during challenging times, offering meaningful purposes in meditation to clear the mind and soul.

Guardianship Against Unwanted Spirits

Dating back to ancient Egyptian times, the tradition of placing a selenite tower or stick above the front door persists. The belief in its powerful vibration, capable of blocking negative energy, has been a consistent thread throughout history. This practice acts as a shield against unwanted spirits attempting to enter homes, fostering a sense of security and peace.

Dispelling Negative Energy in Relationships

In environments plagued by constant arguments and negative energy, selenite becomes a beacon of positivity. Placing the crystal by the front door is thought to dissipate any trapped negativity within the home, offering a fresh start and promoting harmony.

A Symbol of Strength and Resilience

Selenite's delicate appearance serves as a symbolic reminder that, like the crystal, we may be fragile on the outside but possess strength within. By keeping it by the front door, individuals are prompted to cultivate inner resilience even in challenging circumstances, fostering a positive mindset.

Bringing Luck and Joy: Beyond protection, selenite is also associated with good luck, comfort, and joy. Its positive energy can infuse these qualities into a person's life, making it a cherished crystal for those seeking not only safeguarding but also a boost in well-being.

Absorbing and Dispelling Negative Energy: Selenite is not limited to external protection; it also has the ability to absorb negative energy within the mind and body. Hanging the crystal by the front door acts as a proactive measure to remove any lingering negativity before entering the home, especially beneficial after a challenging day.

How to Hang the Crystal Above the Front Door: For a simple approach, a selenite stick can be placed on the door frame. If space is limited, a larger crystal can be suspended with a string and attached to the wall using tape, blue tack, or a small nail. Alternatively, a selenite tower can be showcased on a small shelf above the door, adding an aesthetic touch to its protective function.

Caution and Care: Selenite's fragility requires careful handling. To avoid discoloration from excessive sunlight or dissolution from water exposure, it's recommended to hang the crystal indoors, especially if a porch is unavailable. The crystal's delicate nature calls for gentle care and preservation.

A Time-Honored Tradition: Reflecting on ancient Egyptian practices, where selenite was revered for protection against spirits, the crystal's endurance as a protective talisman attests to its enduring significance. Whether one believes in the metaphysical properties of healing crystals or not, the historical and cultural roots of selenite's protective role endure.

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