How to use selenite?

How to use selenite?


In the enchanting world of crystals, Selenite stands as a celestial gem, revered for its ethereal beauty and the purported mythical powers it carries. Beyond its ornamental allure, this crystal is believed to vibrate at an exceptionally high frequency, endowing it with the ability to deflect negative energy and cleanse the aura. In this comprehensive guide, we embark on a journey to unravel the diverse roles and applications of Selenite, from ornamental pieces to meditation companions.

1. Selenite Wands: Precision Crafted Tools for Energy Release

At the forefront of Selenite's utility are its wands, meticulously crafted to serve as powerful tools for releasing trapped energy within the body. These wands, available in various sizes and shapes, require careful cleansing before use. The cleansing ritual can take place under the gentle rays of sunlight or the serene glow of moonlight, enhancing the wand's efficacy in energy work.

2. Selenite Towers: Guardians of Tranquility and Aesthetic Appeal

The allure of Selenite extends to towering formations that not only serve as protectors against unwanted energies but also stand as exquisite ornamental features. Placing a Selenite tower in bedrooms or living rooms is believed to harness the crystal's high vibrations, creating a shield against malevolent spirits. The echoes of ancient Egyptian and Greek beliefs resonate in the contemporary use of these majestic towers.

3. Selenite in Meditation: A Gateway to Higher Realms

Selenite's connection to the crown chakra and the soul star chakra positions it as a valuable companion in meditation practices. Cleansing the crystal under sunlight is a crucial step before using it for meditation. Holding a Selenite crystal during meditation is believed to facilitate a deep connection to higher realms, fostering a serene and harmonious state of mind. Many individuals report a heightened sense of peace and reduced anxiety in the crystal's presence.

4. Cleansing Other Crystals: Selenite's Practical Sculptures

The versatility of Selenite is further showcased in practical sculptures designed specifically for cleansing and recharging other healing crystals. A Selenite charging plate or bowl provides a dedicated space for crystals to rejuvenate their energies. Alternatively, a Selenite tower proves to be a practical and aesthetic solution, ensuring all crystals in proximity are consistently charged.

5. Wearing Selenite: Adornments with Purpose and Protection

The beauty and calming properties of Selenite have led to its incorporation into jewelry pieces. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings crafted from Selenite not only showcase the crystal's aesthetic appeal but also create a protective bubble against negative energy. Carrying a Selenite tumbled stone in the pocket serves as a tangible stress-reliever, providing a sense of relaxation in challenging situations.

6. Connecting to the Crown Chakra: Transcending into Higher Consciousness

Utilizing Selenite to connect to the crown chakra is considered a gateway to higher consciousness and creative energy. Many individuals report a heightened sense of direction in their lives after incorporating Selenite into their practices. Connecting to the crown chakra during meditation holds the promise of transcending into higher realms, fostering a profound connection to the spirit world.

7. Selenite Candle Holders: Illuminating Serenity

A Selenite candle holder adds an exquisite touch of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Ideal for creating a tranquil ambiance, the soft glow emanating from these holders invites relaxation and serves as a visual reminder of the crystal's serene energy.

In conclusion, the myriad forms and applications of Selenite make it a versatile and indispensable crystal in the realm of holistic healing. Whether adorning your space with ornamental towers, harnessing its energy during meditation, or wearing it as a protective charm, Selenite invites you to explore its mystical potential for spiritual growth and overall well-being. Embrace the ethereal essence of Selenite and let its multifaceted presence enrich every facet of your crystal journey.