How to cleanse tarot cards with selenite?

How to cleanse tarot cards with selenite?

Delving into the mystical world of tarot cards opens a gateway to self-discovery and profound insights. For over 500 years, these 78-card decks have been a source of fascination, providing glimpses into the past, present, and future. While the art of tarot reading varies from believer to skeptic, many find solace and guidance in the interpretative power of these cards. This article explores the synergy between tarot cards and crystals, specifically focusing on the enhancing properties of selenite, amethyst, and black obsidian.

The Essence of Tarot Cards:

Tarot cards, with their rich history originating in Europe, offer a unique way to reflect on our circumstances and gain positive guidance. Whether perceived as a tool for divination or a psychological exploration, tarot cards can influence our thinking and provide deeper insights into our lives.

The Role of Crystals in Tarot Card Readings:

Many seasoned card readers integrate crystals into their practice, believing that these powerful gemstones enhance the accuracy and clarity of tarot card readings. Among the notable crystals, amethyst and black obsidian stand out, but selenite, with its protective qualities, proves to be an exceptional companion.

Selenite: The Guardian of Readings:

Selenite's Protective Role: Selenite, revered for its protective nature, acts as a shield over tarot card readings. Its ability to deflect negative energy ensures a clean and positive environment, allowing for a more accurate interpretation of the cards.

Meditative Connection: Prior to a tarot card reading, individuals often meditate with selenite to clear their minds and unblock the crown chakra. This practice fosters a stronger connection to the universe and the natural world, leading to a more focused and positive attitude during the reading.

Cleansing Tarot Cards with Selenite: Negative Energy Absorption: Tarot cards, often handling the burdens of those seeking guidance, can accumulate negative energy. Cleansing the cards with selenite proves effective, as the crystal absorbs any trapped negativity within the deck.

Deck Cleansing Ritual: New tarot card decks, having traveled far, may carry negative energy. Placing a selenite tumbled stone or tower in close proximity to the cards for 24 hours effectively cleanses and charges the deck, ensuring it's free from unwanted energies.

Wearing Selenite During Tarot Card Readings: Protective Jewelry: To maintain a continuous protective influence during tarot card readings, individuals can wear selenite as a necklace, bracelet, or jewelry. The crystal's presence acts as a constant source of cleansing energy, preventing negative influences from affecting the reading.

Encouraging Positivity: Tarot card readers often wear selenite around their necks or as bracelets, promoting a positive outcome and fostering an environment conducive to accurate readings. Regular cleansing of the selenite ensures its efficacy and high vibration.

Conclusion: Incorporating crystals into tarot card readings, especially the protective and high-vibrational selenite, elevates the experience, offering a more profound connection to the energies surrounding us. As tarot enthusiasts embark on their journeys of self-reflection and divination, the harmonizing influence of selenite, coupled with amethyst and black obsidian, unveils new dimensions of insight and clarity. Embrace the union of crystals and tarot, allowing their combined energies to guide you on your spiritual path. Explore our collection of selenite crystals, and enhance your tarot card readings with the transformative power of these enchanting gems.