How to clean selenite?

How to clean selenite?

Selenite, with its ethereal beauty, deserves tender care to preserve its pristine appearance. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to clean and safeguard your selenite crystal.

1. Dusting Off the Ephemeral Glow:

  • Use a soft duster or a small brush to gently remove accumulated dust from your selenite crystal. The delicate nature of selenite requires extra care during cleaning.
  • Employ a soft cloth or tissues to ensure that the surface remains unscratched. The fragility of selenite discourages the use of abrasive materials.

2. Polish with Caution:

  • A dry cloth and minimal polish can restore the crystal's sheen. Exercise caution not to use excessive polish, and avoid leaving it on the surface, as selenite is soluble and reacts poorly to water.
  • Never consider dishwashing your selenite; it's a recipe for its mysterious disappearance.

3. Alcohol for Deeper Cleansing:

  • For a more profound cleanse, a gentle wipe with drugstore alcohol on a soft cloth can be effective. However, ensure not to let the alcohol linger, as prolonged exposure may damage the crystal.

4. Banishing Trapped Dirt:

  • Dirt and dust occasionally find refuge within the crystal. Combat this by using an air spray to dislodge any particles. Alternatively, a careful rinse with hot water can remove surface dirt without compromising the crystal's integrity.

5. Warding off the Yellow Hue:

  • Sunlight exposure may cause selenite to develop a yellow tint. In such cases, a thorough scrub with polish and a dry cloth can help restore its original luminosity. Storing your crystal in a dark silk cloth bag minimizes dust accumulation and protects it from sunlight.

6. Safe and Secure Storage:

  • Select a safe and secure location to store your selenite crystal, shielding it from potential dirt and dust exposure.
  • Consider placing your selenite in a dark silk cloth bag to prevent unwanted particles from settling on its surface.

7. Dissolving Trapped Minerals:

  • Some selenite crystals might harbor minerals trapped during their formation. Use a wet cloth with hot water to gently dissolve the surface until the minerals dissipate, revealing the crystal's natural brilliance.

8. Air Blower for Inaccessible Areas:

  • Clusters or intricate pieces of selenite may be challenging to clean with a cloth. In such cases, an air blower proves useful in removing dust and dirt from inaccessible nooks and crannies.

As you embark on this journey of care and preservation for your selenite crystal, remember that a gentle touch and thoughtful cleaning practices will ensure its enduring radiance for years to come. May your selenite continue to illuminate your space with its mystical charm.